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Old 10-29-2012, 05:28 AM
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Default Iris Numerlogy play well together..

New track posted on the patchpool forum

I used Numerology to mix auto mixing 5 submixes of iris played live.

One sequenced Diva voice with multi modulations with auto shift right; division, and without shift; interval sequence pitch modulation, invert and local local glide. Dual gate triggers, an overall arrangement trigger, and a local breathes gate triggered by the arrangement trigger.

Additional a String Studio instance being played by to mono notes a main and a sub which play when ever one of three notes defined by Binary Ops set to Equal is played. I see it as a type of a musical cluster bomb!

I used Sample instruments to play my Iris Submixes, and Lfo's using Triangle waves with multibare period lengths controlling submixer.

Storms A Brewing!



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