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Old 03-27-2012, 06:17 AM
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Default Master Clock generating for a modular

Okay, back in action after a way-too-long hiatus...

Basically I want to use my computer[software] to generate a Master Clock for my modular hardware, so things eventually sync up whenever I'd want to use both software and hardware. I'm using a Motu DC-coupled audio interface, which is snaked to a breakout box.

Since I don't like Silent Way (or similar), but I do like Numerology -- which totally fits my workflow -- it is the latter I want to set up as my Master Clock.

For now, I've gotten this far, in Numerology :
- Clock output to Clock In on a GateSeq., and Clock In of a Gate Generator
- Gate Out of the GateSeq to Trig In of the Gate Generator.
* All gates of the GateSeq are 'on'. I'm using the GateSeq just in case I'd like to have a syncopated Master Clock; you never know when I want to get funky.
** I'm using the Gate Generator because I want control over the clock's pulse width.
- Then from the Gate Generator Gate Out to CV In of a CV To Audio module.
- Finally from Audio Out to Audio in of the Stack Output, routed to the appropriate outputs.

This then goes to my modular's Analog Clock Dividers, etc...

Output signal is 0-5V, which suits my system fine.

So far, so good (though I'd like to know if there's an even simpler method).

What I'd need next, is separate trigger outputs for Start/Stop, so I can reset the Dividers whenever Numerology's clock stops and/or [re]starts.
Is this possible ?

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