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Old 03-01-2011, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Sjoerd View Post
May I use this occasion as well to bump my wish for Numerology to (optionally?) discriminate between MIDI ports as well. This would make using multiple controllers simultaneously more usable, especially when using the "Reflect Learned MIDI CC's" feature (and large numbers of parameters) I would like to avoid Numerology 'spamming' unnecessary CC# all over the place.
I have a standing request to allow users to specify which ports get reflected to. I'm a teensy bit less inclined to store the port with the MIDI learn. However, I am looking for ways to get rid of the Patchbay Setup dialog -- specifically w.r.t. managing 'missing' MIDI ports, and the solution I am pondering might be amenable to storing port numbers with MIDI learned commands as well....

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