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Old 08-05-2012, 03:24 AM
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Default A couple of points about the upgrade

I have chosen the iMac 27" 3.1 Ghz

The best value at present for the most processor power. 10 month old, 27% off new price, Not a BTO model which would have cost around 30 percent more. Those that have fully upgraded the 27 3.1 have paid too much. the 2 TB, 200 Gb SSD , with 3.4 Ghz, can be bought for nearly two times what I paid for my non upgraded model...

The Firewire 800 port, the 4 usb 2 ports are compatible with my present peripherals.

I experienced difficulty with waking the iMac up from sleep and after a hour or so research on the net I noticed that one user solved the problem by changing his usb hub from a 7 port to a 5 port model. For now I've just switched my Maschine, Launchpad, Blofeld, and midi interface midiport 2 to the build in usb ports and it solved this non waking up from sleep.

Computer setup migration was easy. I had cloned my previous system which I had recently upgraded to Lion using SuperDuper! So I just booted from this, Reformatted the internal 1TB on the new iMac, and copied. Probably the easiest migration to a new system I have experienced.

Authentication for all my plugs: Applied Acoustic Systems, used Challenge response, worked without a hitch, NI Maschine, and samples are on my boot disk so copying of the sample library was done, already, the Service Center saw all my plugs and it just worked as advertised. Numerology pro, tried Authenticating Offline, by pasting the serial numbers in the Validation fields, then by typing them in, did'nt seem to work out so I just used the Authenticate online, it just worked automatically, nice.

Valhalla Dsps Room and Shimmer worked without authentication from the cloned copies.

Arts Acoustic CL series compressor works form the cloned copies. authentication just worked using the serials which I had requested from the Developer.

Logic Express, just needed the serial that was on the documentation.

So my Authentication process took hardly anytime and for this I'm grateful thanks Devs!

I had the new system up and running within about three-four hours of getting the computer in the door.

I had some issues with getting my old keyboard and trackpad to pair with the new iMac, so I'm just using the apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse. I actually like the magic mouse alot. The trackpad is fine but the magic mouse is more like a combination of trackpad and mouse..and seems somewhat more accurate. I need the trackpad and the keyboard on the old iMac anyway..

The bigger screen is great and in my corner table arrangement it doesn't take any more space than the 20" imac I've upgraded from..

The 27" screen is more than sharp enough, and vibrant enough for editing and viewing photos..It's glossy so not ideal, but it's comes with all the rest of the package and my studio can be arranged so I don't get too much glare on the screen.

The larger workspace will be a boon when working with many plugs open, I can have a healthy sized Numerology window open alongside of the Maschine window.

Processor seems to be handling quite well. I haven't set my kHz rate or bit depth up from the 44.1 and 16 bits that I've been using on the old 20" 2 core duo 2.4. My thinking is why upgrade the computer to then downgrade it by demanding it do more quality wise. I think 24 bit, 192 Khz isn't necessary for the type of synth based work that I'm doing. 10 Voices at 16 bit isn't going to introduce that much noise, also when you consider that I turn voices on and off automatically with my system, so if a synth and effects change isn't playing it does not contribute any noise to the mix.


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