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Old 01-08-2013, 04:58 PM
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Default New Track with Iris+ Chromaphone

1 instance of Iris

3 instances of Chromaphone

Iris has the possibilty of playing back three audio files, plus one "sub" file.

This track is one sound from the patchpool/Simon Stockhausen subscription set. I think there are almost one hundred in the suscription until now. This one is paticularily interesting and long.

I used my trick for long drones described under tips and tricks to easily play the whole sample.. 60 seconds I think. The drone sequence 16 steps one play through 11 minutes of audio..

Additional usages with Numerology tools was to make use of gates, and envelopes to create staggered fade ins and outs of the Iris's three sampled voices internally to create variation.

Fade in of distortion (Trash 2) effect on the Iris . Unfortunately Iris doesn't have seperate outs for each sample but still this was still a great effect on the bell like tones. If you need different effects per sample then you'd have to use the interenal effects which are great, but of course not as fully featured as a dedicated unit.

Also used Gates and envelopes controlling the amount parameter on a Lfo to create pitch bend effects on just one of the three sound files that comes in at intervals, a wickedly useful tool, Something I'm getting into recently is to enable rectify on the Lfo to restrict pitch to bend upwards only. I guess you could combine this with enabling invert to get downward only pitch bend. You got to love numerlogies Lfos's when you see this in action. The envelope fades the pitch bend up at intervals controlled by the gate. Sweet!

I used several midi to CV modules patched into paramod with different destinations in the Chromaphone to give me access to channel pressure, pitch bend and mod wheel on that plug as these are as yet not implemented. Numerology often breaks through the limitations of various synths and effects this way.

To play the Chromaphone sounds I used mono note sequencers, These were controlled live using the launchpad to control the start and stop steps of the sequencers and sequence direction. The mono notes were set to Midi trigger gated with reset off, transpose on. So I used my Keyboard to set the transposition and of course the timing of each entry of the sequence. Keyboard plus Launchpad enables a great deal of control, but in a very compact setup. Love it!

I had tried to use gates to control the bypass on the Flanger effect in the Uhbik F, unfortunately this is apparently currently broken in the Uhbiks it had worked in an earlier version,(I guess I have to report a bug to u-he), so instead I inserted a 4 into 1 audio switch set it to sequenced modus then used a velocity sequencer to program a sequence where the wet and the dry signals alternated. Strangely the 2 into 1 audio switch could not be sequenced, this may be on purpose though somehow you could just use a gate and choose manual and use it as a trigger to switch between switch positions. There is also Delay with an Lfo modulating the Mix amount on the Uhbik D.

The Mono note sequences had velocity, step length, and mute step modulation.

So all this is just in a days work when using Numerology now 3 years on. It fits me like a glove and I'm looking forward to what the next three years will bring.

Oh ya my new effect is the 2c audio B2. Used in line on each sound source. No master reverb effect.. Highly recommended on sale for $50 off for the next few days. It's a bargain in my opinion, Manual is one of the most inspiring reads I've had in the tech universe.

2013 a good Numerology year I think.

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