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Old 01-25-2013, 08:18 AM
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Default New Track Iris+ Chromaphone

Another Track. This is using 9 instances of Chromaphone and 2 instances of Iris.

I've been working with a new tweak to my system.

I'm trying some inspiration from Beethoven, his highly rythmic figures got me thinking about how I could program them in an interesting and effective way.

The one parameter in the mono note that has missed my attention completely was the StepSkip Value. This combined with the StepLength and the Divide parameters gave me a new level of control. Used in tight combination I made sub editors for 2 groups of four mono notes. Great fun. I use the stack presets to run through a series of simple phrases, when I want to change the rythmic figures I adjust the Velocity sequence Value editors for StepLen, Stepskip, and Divide on just that one stack preset..Works quite well but was rather timeconsuming to setup in this project 8 Velocity sequencers 8 scale and offset, 8 paramods, spread out over two stacks. The stacks already had program change sequencers setup for all 8 instances of Chromaphone so I've got a pretty big bunch of virtual wiring going on. Oh ya I forgot I have used a harmony stack, and a PitchBend stack. So I'd hate to think how many cables and modules this adds up to. 200 maybe?



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