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Old 01-17-2009, 11:31 AM
solarolosonoio solarolosonoio is offline
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Default mono synths


never tried numerology before, but I've done some computer music previously...
I'm interested in numerology, but I just don't want to use any plug-ins as instruments! I want to use a real analogue synth...

the question is:

does all this discrete sequencing make sense if you only got a mono synth and nothing else?

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Old 01-17-2009, 03:49 PM
jim jim is offline
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Not at all, those techniques apply to polyphonic sequencing also. For instance, you can use the discrete sequencing approach to modify the output of the PolyNote & Matrix Seqs -- such as by using external sequences for transposition, velocity, or gate. Or you can use a ModulationSeq to modify sequence length, key, octave, etc on the Poly seqs. Also, the NoteGen can be used to generate 3 notes at once, for simple chords, or some interesting 'generative' tricks. To get access to the necessary params, just click the triangle button to open the 'advanced settings' panel.

The main reason I have not done a video with polyphonic programming is that most of what the Poly and Matrix seqs do is just an extension of the other sequencing techniques. However, I will do a video demonstrating the arpeggiator functions of the MatrixSeq...

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Old 01-18-2009, 11:16 AM
solarolosonoio solarolosonoio is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2009
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Thumbs up

thank you jim
I'll try that out
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