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Old 06-11-2012, 04:29 AM
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Default Ableton Midi to Five12-to-Ableton

Hi all
I'm new to the family of five12.
I am fascinated with the creativity of Numerology and its users.
Basically I compose with ableton and I guess with numerology are a couple explosive...
I read
setting up in Ableton by belalan in General Questions and so I learned to send midi from Numerology to Ableton and record it.
Now i would like,if is possible?,more or less the opposite:
-I have one midi clip inserted in abletonīs one midi track with operator plugin inserted with bass sound (for example) and i want to send it to Numerology.
Numerology has inserted one midi processing = NoteQuantizer Key C Scale Dorian (for example) and i want to send the result processed by NoteQuantizer to Abletonīs new midi track to record in it.
Is possible this?
To get this Numerology must be in Rewire,vst or Au mode?
order to open programs,first Ableton-second Numerology or first Numerology-second Ableton?
Please if is possible i prefer explained in one project of Numerology and project in Ableton as in belalan post.
Thanks for your attention
Best Musical Dreams from Spain
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Old 06-12-2012, 06:55 PM
jim jim is offline
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I think I caught part of what you need in your other post:

But to cover off on a few more details:

- You can setup Numerology to do MIDI processing in any of the various running modes (Standalone, ReWire, VST & AU). VST may be the most convenient (and will have the least latency), but you have to live with what the host provides in terms of MIDI Routing -- esp. as I believe Live cannot merge MIDI streams.

- If the N3 ReWire driver is installed, anytime you open another app that supports ReWire and then open Numerology, Numerology will open in ReWire mode. The main thing you lose in ReWire mode is audio input.

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