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Old 01-24-2011, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by john brennan View Post
Just noticed another hang up. The session, user1, user2 and mixer buttons of my launchpad are causing my first four volume faders to act erratically when they are assigned to the sl. Any ideas?
Try setting set the base channel for the SL to something other than 1 -- I suppose it is possible that messages from the launchpad are interfering. I'll look into it...

And, just so this little tidbit is on this thread for others to find it, here are the instructions to disable the Launchpad from Automap:

<from Ch. 17 in the N3 manual...>
Additionally, if you have Novation’s Automap Server running, you will need to take the Launchpad “offline” from automap while using it with Numerology. To do this you use a special button combination: Hold down the User1, User2 and Mixer buttons and push the “down arrow” button on the Launchpad. To reverse that setting, use the same button combination.

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