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Old 05-09-2017, 12:39 AM
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Default Quick Multi-port setup

Hi Jim. When try to set up a stack of say, 32 sequencers, one each per midi port, it is incredibly time consuming - first to add the modules and then to add an IO module for each, then to disconnect the automatic wiring, then to wire each sequencer to its own separate port.

I wish there was an "insta" one module per midi port way to quickly set it up - obviously this brings up the question of which modules per port - well, how about I drag all the modules I want from top to bottom and then click a button that says "insta-map ports" and it just goes down the list and maps one sequencer per port. Secondly what about input for recording? well two buttons: one to map all input ports and output ports exactly as in Audio Midi Setup, and one to map all inputs to a single port. So that a master keyboard could be used to record notes into sequencers.
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