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Old 08-15-2018, 07:51 AM
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Thanks for taking the time for this detailed reply. I have, in fact, done all this. Rewire works fine but I cannot send to external outputs in Rewire mode. I therefore have to run the two apps independently to get maximum CPU for a smooth bounce. The problem is that the tempos are slightly off (and not latency).

Originally Posted by Aramis View Post
Numerology is supported in ReWire slave mode to work with Ableton Live, Apple Logic, MOTU Digital Performer and Steinberg Cubase. It will probably work ne with other ReWire master applications, but those con gurations have not been tested as thoroughly as the applications listed here.
When Numerology runs its built-in installer script, it will install the 1.8.2 ReWire driver on Mac OS X 10.7 and later. For Mac OS X 10.6.8, we recommend that you download and install the latest ReWire driver from (Click downloads, then, “ReWire” (at the very bot- tom)) As of this writing the current version of ReWire is 1.7.
Numerology will also always check to install its own ReWire driver, as it is very important that you always have the same versions of both the Numerology ReWire Driver and the Numerology application installed.
If you want to disable Numerology from running in ReWire mode, just go to Numerology’s Preferences, look in the installation tab, then click ‘uninstall’ for ReWire.
Now you can get started. Startup your desired ReWire master app, then startup Numerology. You have to start the master app rst, otherwise Numerology will startup in standalone mode. After it has started, Nu- merology should show a “ReWire Mode” indicator on the transport bar.
In order for Numerology to run properly in ReWire mode, it needs to have it’s audio output assigned to a track in the host app, even if you are just using Numerology for MIDI. To do this, just create a new track in your host program, and set Numerology as it’s audio input. In Logic and Digital Performer, create an aux track. In Ableton Live you can use any audio track. This ensures that Numerology gets the steady stream of
‘render’ calls that it needs to operate.
Also, if you are using Logic as the ReWire master, be sure to set its “ReWire behavior” preference (in Logic’s Audio prefs, in Devices / Core Audio) to “Live Mode (Higher CPU Load)” to get the best MIDI tim- ing performance.
MIDI in ReWire Mode
When running in ReWire mode, Numerology’s main outputs are piped into the ReWire master program, which you can ‘tap’ by selecting “Numerology” as the audio input for a track. Transmission of MIDI from Numerology to the host app works just as it does in standalone mode: via Numerology’s virtual MIDI ports, or an IAC buss.
You may nd that MIDI transmitted from Numerology to the host app may be a bit delayed relative to other tracks or instruments. If so, you can easily adjust for this by adding a sample-accurate delay to the non-Numerology tracks in the host app’s project. Both the BufferDelay and the Latency Fixer plugins from can accomplish this. A delay time equal to one or two audio buffers in length generally does the trick.
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