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Old 03-05-2010, 06:49 PM
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Default Numerology 2.3 Beta 5

The latest 2.3 build, complete with various fixes and some updates on Launchpad mapping functionality. FYI, betas 3 & 4 were private. This build also fixes the ReWire driver installation issue.

Release Notes:

New Scales: Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Whole Tone and two Octatonic scales (both alternating whole/half step combinations). These will show up in all quantization menus.

Launchpad Updates & Fixes:

- DrumSeq : There is now an alternate edit mode page that allows you to edit velocities for each of the 8 tracks in a DrumSeq module. It works much like the MonoNote & PolyNote mappings do, but instead of using the top row to pick an octave, use use the top row to pick a drum track. To get to this mode, press the "edit" button (i.e. the topmost "scene" button) until it goes red.

- ChordSeq : If the Arp Mode is set to Strum, Arpeggiate or Broken Chord, then the launchpad mapping for the "divide" page will change to match.

- Fixed a problem where picking the 2nd module in a stack (on the Rack Nav page) could change the speed of that sequence.

Other Fixes & Updates:

- Audio Prefs : Fixed some string conversions to properly handle non-ASCII characters (i.e. accents and such).

- Fixed a preset change glitch that could happen if you triggered a preset change immediately after a new bar.

- The reported parameter range of "Curr Step" has been increased to 1-128. If you assign (via Param Mod) a value outside the current max length of the sequence, it will be ignored.

- The randomization behavior of the sequencers has been tweaked a bit to be more predictable. This is in preparation for a randomization prefs feature coming in 3.0.

- GateSeq: fixed a drawing issue w/ the vertical background stripes.

- DrumKit: set the per-part polyphony to 8 voices. (up from 2)

- DrumKit: The default values for the sustain and release segments of the envelopes are now at their max values, so that newly added samples will always play their full length (or at least about 10 seconds of it).
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