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Old 07-18-2015, 03:13 PM
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Default Numerology patch "Zyklus Improvisor style"

Can we build something like this in N4?

I tried and failed. I tried again and failed again.
But I *will* try again...

However: if anyone is into that and thinks he can provide
something like this as a N4 patch I am actually willing to
throw some bucks in.

Thats the latest MAX/MSP build, AFAIK this thing is
unfortunately dead in the water

Thats the old Max/MSP patch, pre-release, couple of years old:

And a heavy orchestral example here:

By the way, this thing was shared for *FREE* (!)

And yes, Zyklus is the same company that build the Zyklus MPS1
which was used by Vangelis and who which was hired by the latter to build a unique Zyklus System for him... go figure..

Also I guess some of the unique features in this thing might be valuable insoiration for Numerology itself.


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Old 07-18-2015, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Lytz1 View Post
Can we build something like this in N4?
Yes, I think that would be possible. I made a project once in that direction, using a bunch of stacks with sequencers and arpeggiators driving different instruments and then I had one dedicated stack to only direct all the Note Gen modules for the values of "Key" and "Octave" that will tune the generated MIDI notes into a specific scale in a specific key - so all the generated lines will make harmony together. In this my "conductor stack" I did set up presets for all harmonic options I wanted to keep on my palette and then I simply switched between those presets (from my Push controller) while modulating sequencer step length and velocity up/down for the whole shebang. One thing I never modulated live though, was the accents that I had controlled by a sequencer that controlled only Velocity for all the note generating stacks. Not remembering the details but I think I used two different patterns, of different length, to reach some kind of poly rhythmic groove in the accents. Here's how a quick test drive sounded:

I made a similar setup in Logic X only using arpeggiator MIDI plugins with parameters (step length, rate etc) assigned to an twelve part Smart Control window I tweaked from a hand MIDI mixer with rotary knobs. In Logic you miss out on the great option of Numerology's to use dedicated sequencers for Velocity to control groove accents at a general plane. Here's the first test I did with the Logic X thing:

The approach in Zyklus of having Harmonizer and xPoser gave me the idea to try again in Numerology but set up two dedicated stacks; one for the general key and one for harmonies (chords). But I need to find a different control hardware for that because I want to use the Push in Keyboard mode to play freely while modulating the sequencers through chord changes. On the list for eventual rainy days...
Best wishes
Per Boysen
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