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Old 09-30-2011, 05:08 AM
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Default My own music history list.

Plainchant. There are two schools of thought the mensural and a school which tries to interpret more rythmical information out of the small symbols above the text called nume. I sang in a performance of this type of Gregorian chant. Interesting study, not my singing though.. Gregorian Chant It's core melody a back bone for which a whole body of music has grown up. Early music history is fascinating. Solemses is the modern day center for the form.

Guillaume De Machaunt Extremely interesting for it's tightly woven textures and and interesting rythmic technique called hocketting.

Gesualdo Harmonicly advanced rich. I recently bought an album released 2011, look up Gesualdo on iTunes..

Ockeghem talk about trance music, wave after wave of sound. I hope if I every end up in pergatory they sing Ockeghem..

Josquin Despre more fresh than Ockeghem, Ockeghem was a composer medieval Josqun Despre' Renaiscance Dutch master composer, apparently was a great inspiration to the ENGLeesh.

Orlando de Lassus wrote in 5 languages extremely well travelled. The BIG ONE from the Renaiscance.

French Dance music renaiscance

hey I'm Baroque can you give me a buck mr. modern?







Hes classy dude..

Hadyn his string quartets piano music, late orchestral works.. Without Hadyn I just don't know what we would have done.. Hadyn Hadyn. The String Quartets are a study.. I broke my collar bone, and spent my recovery time studying Hadyns string Quartets, Donald Francis Tovey in his book the Forms of music goes into depth with the Quartets and outlines what he viewed as transformation in musical history from the style gallant of the late baroque over into a more dynamic lean music form. Charles Rosen also writes about Haydn in depth in the book the Classical style..

Mozart, without mozart I just don't know I guess we could just pack it all in and Never have ever have existed because without Mozart the whole thing would be without wit without humour.. I'm not a big fan of his temperment just at the moment but he has given me some of my most memorable musical moments at suprising unexpected times ..O you who have lost all hope Mozart will be there..

Beethoven. I play Beethoven 3 long sonatas, need I say more. Op30 that trio has some of the most satisfying music any pianerdy can go into depth with.

Schubert. True mimimalist. Sensitivty is the word especially in this lieder, the Impromptus don't miss out if you don't know any of his works then give it a listen he is long winded..

Schumann. Miniatures Songs from childhood..Carnival rich glangorous and grand heady stuff.

Brahms. Great work all the way through quality attention to detail voice leading balance the long waves of sounds leviathan is the word giant.

Chopin.. Detail work in the local harmony, bredth in the phrase, romantic, true to his heart. amazing really.

Wagner, Orchestration, Lietmotiv, Epic scale, the term Form is Melody Writ Large came up on an essay about the Opera Tristan and Isolde, The bounds of the diatonic harmonic system gets streached to the breaking point. Sitting with my music teacher in New York three seats behind the Conductor at the Met, John turns to me and said in a hushed tone, Conducting Tristan would be like facing death.. gulp..

Lizst Piano master at improvisation, his late piano music "the pilgrim" becomes transcendant

Debussy I've played most of his piano music, it's the closest thing to synthesizer music on the piano with it's textures colors, harmonies, cross references from history. And paramount the sound for the sake of the sound..

Ravel. Orchestrations top shelf man Weber as well. Fiendishly hard to pla

Prokoffiev, I have him on my short list. he was composing a hundred years ago, a youngster!! It's some of the hardest piano music to play.. I just want to play his easier piece Visions Fugitives, composed just before the russion revolution. And maybe one of his sonatas if Jim Coker will let me out of the Super Looper..

Stravinsky.. Orchestration woauw, is all I can say the Rite of Spring, at Carnegie Hall, one of the Highlights of my concert going with the St Louis Symphony Orchestra

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Old 03-18-2012, 12:36 PM
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Thanks for this!

I really need to listen to more of these composers...
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