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Old 01-21-2013, 10:43 AM
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Default Very , very basic Logic question (I think)

I'm pretty competent 'within the box' of Logic, but am a complete novice when it comes to rewire, midi, or basically anything that links Logic to the outside world. So please forgive what I assume is a very basic question; I assume it is so basic I either couldn't find, or couldn't recognize when I did find, the answer in the manual or by searching these forums.

Basically I just want to use Numerology to make basic patterns, that I can develop using the actual plugins I intend to use, and then import those midi patterns into Logic, where I can reload the plugin on the track but still have the ability to tweak the pattern in Logic itself.

So, in baby-steps terms, how do I do this? I'm fine loading AUs into Numerology and devising patterns. I'm fine working with midi in Logic. But how -- and again, I know this is basic stuff -- do I get a pattern out of Numerology and into Logic? I'm sure it has to do with the midi clock syncing I read about in the manual, but are there very basic instructions on how to do that anywhere (including what to set up on the Logic side)? I don't even think I need syncing -- simply exporting a pattern would be fine, which I could then load into Logic.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can offer with this basic question!
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