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Old 02-12-2014, 01:17 PM
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Default Numerology 4 Build 130

... releasing this a bit early as I introduced a ParamMod bug in build 129...


Numerology 4 Build 130

Keyboard Module : Fixed a problem where the velocity slider's value was not being applied to generated notes.

MIDI Input: Fixed a MIDI parsing error that could cause problems with the Note Filter.

ParamMod : Fixed an issue w/ autoscale introduced in build 129.

Launchpad/Push : Fixed a problem with the Probability page not lighting the 'scene' button in red.
Launchpad/Push : Restored "Pitch Glide" as a mode on the 8th (bottom-most) Scene button. This mode will now show up in Amber.
Launchpad/Push : Fixed a problem with 'divide' mode editing in the Chord Seq.

Navigator : The Recents list view now responds to 'scroll wheel' events.
Navigator : Fixed a bug with the Recents list.

N4 VST : Fixed a problem that was causing excessive logging and thus CPU load issues.
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