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Old 08-28-2018, 11:06 PM
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Default Vector Sequencer : August Update

Hello Everyone! I know Iíve been pretty quiet on this front for a quite a while, so itís time for an update:

- The production order of circuit boards, with their many surface mount components, arrived Friday and I am in the process of un-packing and testing them. I have a Vector+Expander setup built up from those boards and there have been no problems so far.

- I have a partial order of front panels, the rest should be here soon.

- I am waiting on buttons. I have a tracking number, but they were just sent yesterday, so I donít have a delivery date yet. I'm hoping for early next week.

- The firmware has been moving along quickly all summer. Iíve added a list of recently added features below. Iíve got a great group of beta
testers that have been banging on it regularly for many weeks now and though there are still a few tweaks to be made, things are looking pretty solid.

Assuming no surprises with the circuit boards, I can start building production units as soon as the buttons arrive, which (with a bit of travel
early September) makes for initial shipments in mid-September. If you are in the US or Canada, email me directly for ordering
info (jim (at) five12 (dot) com), if you are in the UK/EU, SchneidersLaden is also taking orders. Also: I will be at Knobcon early next
month demoing the system. If youíre in the Chicago area, donít hesitate to come by and say hello!


Feature Updates:

Long Sequences: For each part, you can set the max sequence length to 16, 32 or 64 steps.

Chord Mode : Parts 5-8 can be set to run in Chord mode. And yes, you can have 64 step chord seqs. You can also output chord pitches via CV -- but don't expect miracles, many analog oscillators don't track very well over more than 2 octaves. The chord library includes all dyads from unison to octaves, so itís very handy for getting reliable seimtone offsets between two oscillators.

Pitch Glide : Works over CV for monophonic voices, not for MIDI yet. Otherwise, works very much like the same feature in Numerology: Set the gate to 90% or Tie, set the glide from 0% to 100%.

Groove Timing : per step 'nudge' forward or backward in time.

Step Repeat : 1X to 8X .

CC1-3 : 3 lanes of MIDI CCs out, generated per-step.

External Modulation: Each part as two modulation busses that can listen to either or both of the Mod1, Mod2 inputs. The initial target list includes gate, step length, ratcheting, probability, start step and direction.

Generate, Evolve, Double Seq, Invert, Shift-Left, Shift-Right : These are initiated by shift-clicking on the white keyboard-keys, and are all now functional. The current generator algorithms are based on Acid1 & 2 and Berlin1 from Numerology. I'll be adding more soon, and any newly-devised generator algorithms will end up in Numerology too.

USB Disk Mode : Push encoder 9 while booting to turn the Vector into a really big thumb drive. Connect via USB to your PC/Mac to backup files or copy in new firmware.

Routing: You can now specify MIDI output channels, per part, per output. All of the preferences pages have been re-organized to be quicker to navigate.

Not quite done yet:

Preset Playlist: I have the UI done, just need to setup the internals. The UI is very straightforward: For each preset, you basically specify: "Play for X beats or bars then loop to preset Y for N times". Scenes also need a bit of TLC.

External Clock: Partially implemented, working out the details. You'll be able to use clock triggers with varying base rates (1 beat, 1/3 beat, 1/4 beat, etc) with or without external reset. You will be able to Ďarmí the Vector and use an external reset signal to start running, but still let each part reset internally.

Custom Tunings : A lot of the bits are in place, but I haven't finalized the implementation yet. There is room for 4 tunings, with custom note names per note. The UI is simple but also some work: you have to dial in the tunings in cents for all notes. I will pre-load some alternate tunings, a couple equal temperament options, and probably a JI tuning and perhaps a gamelan of some sort. I donít consider tunings to be essential for an initial release, but if they donít quite make it, they will come soon after.
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