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Old 12-03-2008, 06:53 PM
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Default Also Known to Work

I have a few tasty pay-ware AUs that work well with Numerology, and some other freebies too:

Reverence, a nice plate reverb simulator from Audio Damage. It uses not much more CPU than Apple's matrix reverb, i.e. it's practically free. It can sound very grainy on certain settings, but sometimes that's what you want. It can also sound smooth and dark, which is why I like it, and it's a lot easier to program than Apple's. They also make a free "dirty" compressor called Rough Rider which isn't half bad for pushing drums and bass. Character compression is the new black, as they say.

OhmBoyz delay-filter and QuadFrohmage filter-delay. OhmBoyz is more of a delay. It has 4 taps, 2 delay lines, and LFOs all over the place, along with some basic filters, EQ, and distortion. QF is one of the most featureful and good-sounding digital filters I've seen. It has an awesome Moog 24 db filter emulation among many other things, a 36 db filter, comb filters, ring mod, distortion and modulation galore; LFOs, envelope followers, envelope generators. You can have up to four filters running in the topology of your choice and each filter has a basic delay line. They both have tempo sync and remote bindings available, as any good modern plug-in ought to. I find they each fill a different need and are quite complementary. You can do limited comb filtering in OB of course, and you could use QF for a lot of things you might do with a delay, but they are both specialized into their respective functions pretty deeply. I've done whole performances with nothing but QF, since it has self-oscillating filters. It's pretty deep.

They both exploit rather well within the modular sequencing paradigm of Numerology. It is particularly nice to have a really good filter at your disposal if you're working in that paradigm, especially if you're a cheap bastard like me and don't buy a lot of the prohibitively expensive software instruments that are out there now, because you can use it with just about anything that will throw out a waveform. I just added an instance of QF with a single Moog filter to Jim's ambient demo, upped the filter resonance a bit, modulated the filter cutoff and resonance with a lil LFO and some envelope follower, and substituted Reverence for Apple's reverb, resulting in a shifting background of diffuse natural harmonics. Sounds like some Tuvan throat singing added in there. The whole thing is registering about 10 percent CPU load according to Numerology.

What else is good... the venerable King Dubby dub delay is free. It has tons of character and does a reasonable job of making you believe it's a discrete bucket-brigade delay line. I really want to get the Audio Damage dub delay someday... the demos on the web site are pretty phat.

I noticed Jim has some of Michael Norris's plugins on his setup in the demo videos, and they are definitely worth investigating, since they are free to download. Massive spectral tweakage.

Lastly, if you are into stuff like Augustus Loop, Musolomo is another AU worth checking out, free from I have not actually messed with it in Numerology in a while. It's intended to be a live looping instrument that works as a plug-in. SooperLooper is another such beast, also free, and they added an AU version of it at some point. They are obviously not the same thing as Augustus Loop, but may appeal to some of the same people, and the price is hard to beat. Maybe someone with a round-to-it can comment on whether they work in Numerology.
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