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Old 12-04-2008, 04:36 AM
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Lightbulb How to Retune Synths in Numerology using LMSO

I like microtonal music, which means a lot of fussing with retuning synths. I use Lil Miss Scale Oven to do this, because it's pretty much the only serious game in town. Numerology is, to the best of my knowledge, the only sequencer serious enough to let you route midi over to LMSO for retuning and then patch it right back into... Numerology! Here's a brief how-to:

1. Set a Stack Input to get midi "From LMSO IAC 1". You may have to have LMSO running before Numerology will recognize its midi bus is active. It may take one or two relaunches to get everyone aware of each other. Activate LMSO Input in LMSO's Midi Inputs & Nuscale Routing window, as well as LMSO IAC 1 on the Nuscale Jr Retuning side. Bake a tasty scale to the box, set the retuning method to Nuscale Jr, and activate the checkbox to turn on the Nuscale Jr patch. Set the # voices parameter under Output Channel Mapping to "1".

2. The default Numerology stack routing will not produce the desired result. In order to obtain the desired result, which is retuned MIDI notes of course, have your sequencer module or other midi generator send its midi notes *only* to the Stack Output's midi connector. Set the Stack Output Midi Out to "LMSO Input". Lastly, your synth should receive midi *only* from the Stack Input. If there is a problem with the midi routing, you will just hear the 12 tet notes you'd normally expect, nothing, or 12 tet *and* your retuned notes.

3. If you are using a sequencer module that displays note names, they will now be rather meaningless, but you can use this method with any sequencer that directly emits midi. You can also use it with a Midi Note Generator that is driven by CV signals, and the procedure is basically the same. Just have the Note Gen's midi output go to the Stack Output instead of your synth and pull midi to the synth from the Stack Input as above.

Throughout the foregoing instructions, one can of course feel free to substitute one of Numerology's input busses for LMSO IAC 1.

Kudos to Jim for permitting this kind of tomfoolery. Happy retuning!


If you are special enough to have a synth that understands the Midi Tuning Standard, you may be able to avoid some of the limitations of the Nuscale Jr retuning method by just setting the LMSO retuning "box" to use MTS instead.

With variations on these techniques, you can also retune almost any hardware synth, as well as software based synths in other environments, like Reason or Ableton Live.
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Old 12-08-2008, 06:42 PM
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That's Nuts, I love it!

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