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Old 12-16-2011, 02:16 PM
Tommy Zai Tommy Zai is offline
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Default Workflow Help Needed . . . desperately!!!

Please help!
I have been trying to get my set-up going for months and months. I can't seem to get a smooth workflow that allows me to create swiftly without being bogged down by production. I used to know what I was doing (back in the day), but I'm overwhelmed and underachieving. I just want to come up a template and/or steps that allows me to get down a song before I lose my initial inspiration and scare my muse away.

I have this:

MacBook Pro
Tascam US-144mkII Interface
Akai KPK24 Controller
Rode Mic
Fender Guitar
Fender Bass

Logic Express
Numerology 3
Bias Peak

Virtual Instruments (Sampler, Instruments, Drum Machines)
Virtual FX (all the usual stuff)

If I use a mix or midi seq. and audio for my basic tracking, how would you suggest I set it all up, assuming each track has it's own unique effects rack of at least 3 FX, and then globally mastered with the usual compressor/limiter, verb, EQ, etc.


I am grateful for any suggestions.
Sincerely, Tommy

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