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Old 09-02-2019, 01:10 PM
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Default Chord Descriptions

Here are the full descriptions for the chord notation as of Vector FW 1.2. Note that there is a name collision for major and minor 7th dyads and 7th chords, there will be a resolution to this shortly.

U - unison, single note

Dyads : 2 notes
m2 - minor 2nd dyad
M2 - major 2nd dyad
m3 - minor 3rd dyad
M3 - major 3rd dyad
P4 - perfect 4th dyad
TT - tritone dyad
P5 - fifth
m6 - minor 6th dyad
6 - sixth dyad
m7 - minor 7th dyad
M7 - major 7th dyad
P8 - octave

Triads - 3 notes
M - major triad
m - minor triad
A - augmented triad
D - diminished triad
S2 - sus2
S4 - sus4

Sevenths - 4 notes
M7 - major 7th
D7 - dominant 7th
m7 - minor 7th
h7 - half dimished 7th
d7 - dimished 7th
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