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Old 09-25-2011, 02:42 AM
ambientidm ambientidm is offline
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Default monome no ipad yes!

hi jim

please don't spend your valuable time with n3 integration with the monome

spend that time on the ipad!

i have a gs128 and i was going to sell it until i found out that stretta is going to port this to m4l
plane is fricking brilliant for the monome
it's an amazing and unique way to sequence with a monochromatic grid

n3 needs something like the ipad to effectively utilize it's awesome power
maybe even an ipad native "performer edition" that just sends multi channel midi out
whitenoise genome has the right idea but i think n3 for the ipad could blow it away with coremidi ios

the only other grid i can see worth the effort would be the livid rgb stuff
hopefully a rgb block will be available soon

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Old 09-25-2011, 02:52 AM
TwoToneshuzz TwoToneshuzz is offline
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Default Nice with the ipad but we have the launchpad now!

I think the iPad is okay.. But now we have a launchpad that's just recieved a quite extensive upgrade intergration with Numerology..

I personally believe that the tactile inteface with buttons that respond to human pressure is more satisfying to use.. Yes the funcionality is limited and not so cameleon like as the ipad..

But then again the piano the flute or the violin are also fixed interfaces..

The thing that gets me with the iPad is that if I want to close my eyes or work with half closed eyes, while playing I would lose all sense of orientation..

With the launchpad with time..and practice. I could actually use the tactile feel of the grid to orientate myself.. I play piano with closed eyes all the time.

Ipad has it's uses exciting technology but tactile interfaces seem more instrument like..

The Ipad would of course be usable with eye's closed with kaos pad type use..

I think too for my own budget If I was going to drop the kind of cash for the ipad I'd prefer just to use it to get a macbook, and use my magic track pad for xy or whatever..

I frankly am getting somewhat tired of the audio eye candy, and just want my tools to work and then keep out of the way..

I'm a photorapher as well so I've got plenty of pretty pictures to look at if that's what I'm up to..


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Old 09-25-2011, 03:11 AM
ambientidm ambientidm is offline
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posts: 33

i get what you are saying about the tactile approach

but if n3 was simplified for performance sequencing with a beautiful interface to go along it could a tremendous upgrade over the launchpad that is worth keeping your eyes opened for

kaoss style stuff yes absolutely, omnispheres app shows that done to perfection with the orb

once again a special streamlined performer edition with a specialized gui could be revolutionary
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Old 09-25-2011, 03:31 AM
amsonx's Avatar
amsonx amsonx is offline
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Well..i don't have an iPad but an iPod 2g that i've catch to see if the touch interface is for me, i like it but i find it too "cold" for me even in i like use it but as Wade as says the LP feel more as an instruments.

I'm much more curios in what a control surface as the Madrona Soundplane A (will be showed in the end of september) can interact with Numerology..
DSI Mopho,Electribe Er-1 - Korg M3R - Korg wavestation A/D - Roland R8 Mk II - Korg A2 -Korg DSS1 - Korg Padkontrol - BCR 2000 - Novation Nocturne - some A100 modules- Numerology - Ableton live 6- Reaktor
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Old 09-25-2011, 03:58 AM
TwoToneshuzz TwoToneshuzz is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Copenhagen
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Default Hope I didn't come of like dumb!

I know the iPad is probably the coolest when you have one and you want to expand it's uses..

As a portable sequencing solution for people on the go it would be great for sure..

My lifestyle at present is pretty routed so I'm just in my mini studio almost too much, so when I'm out the last thing I want to do is look at another computer screen.. But for live perfomance, on a sturdy stand or something, if would be really sweet.

Good luck Jack getting your dream setup up and running..

I have looked at the Madrona Sound plane.. Hmmm I'm a long time pianist so I'm so satisfied with banging on the keys but incombination with the keys this could be really sweet.. What I'm afraid with these featureless type expanses is that fine, detailed control is extremely difficult to acheive.. It takes years to learn to play the violin in part because it's fretless and every intonation inaccuracy is painfully apparent.. So the featurless interfaces have to be smart, to second guess what you want your gestures to do.. Difficult and time consuming to program such things to the indivduals specific intentions.


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Old 09-25-2011, 09:51 AM
ambientidm ambientidm is offline
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posts: 33

i play keys as well my korg z1 and virus ti are fantastic but i love running lots of sequences too with much knob twiddling and fx tweaking and i see the ipad as perhaps the best current interface or this
endless configurations for tailored to the user setups

liines cliip app for ableton live is really great but it does not have the immense capabilities that n3 has

white noise genome midi sequencer looks pretty good

for me i like the blending of live performance and the studio
long collective improv jams in the cosmic realms is my deal
i was born in the seventies and i guess i just stayed there

as far as the soundplane goes i would wait for the completion of morphwiz midi
eric persing asked jordan rudess to design it for use with omnisphere and i guess he said yes
it's a muti-channel midi continuum type app with various scales for the ipad
it should be quite nice for performing with things like independent pitch bending
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